Installing IOS58

Requires Homebrew! Main Guide

1. Download the ressources

NUS Downloader

1.1 Download NUS Downloader

NUS Downloader is a Windows program which you can use to download official IOSs from Nintendo. you can download it from Wiibrew.

1.2 Download IOS58

Open NUSDownloader and select IOS58 from the database (see image). Make sure "Pack WAD" is checked. Uncheck "Keep Encrypted Contents" and hit "Start NUS Download!.

1.3 Copy the WAD

The downloaded .wad will be located in titles/000000010000003A/6176/ in your NUS Downloader directory. Copy the wad into the root of your SD card without renaming it.

1.4 Download WiiMod

Download WiiMod from GBAtemp and place the app into your apps folder. Put the SD card back into your Wii and open the homebrew channel.

2. Install IOS58

2.1 Launch WiiMod and select "IOSs"


2.2 Navigate to 58 and press A


2.3 Select "Install IOS"


2.4 Select "6176"


2.5 Confirm that you want to install "IOS58 v6176"


2.6 Select revision 6176


2.7 Make sure all options are set to "No"


2.8 Press A again to start the installation


2.9 That's it!