# Installing IOS58

A guide on how to install IOS58 for use with Nintendont.

# Download the ressources

# Get the NUS Downloader

NUS Downloader is a Windows program which you can use to download official IOSs from Nintendo. you can download it from Wiibrew (opens new window).

# Download IOS58

Open NUSDownloader and select IOS58 from the database (see image). Make sure "Pack WAD" is checked. Uncheck "Keep Encrypted Contents" and hit "Start NUS Download!.

NUS Downloader

# Copy the WAD

The downloaded .wad will be located in titles/000000010000003A/6176/ in your NUS Downloader directory. Copy the wad into the root of your SD card without renaming it.

# Download WiiMod

Download WiiMod from GBAtemp (opens new window) and place the app into your apps folder. Put the SD card back into your Wii and open the homebrew channel.

# Install IOS58

Launch WiiMod and select "IOSs"

Part 1

Navigate to 58 and press A

Part 2

Select "Install IOS"

Part 3

Select "6176"

Part 4

Confirm that you want to install "IOS58 v6176"

Part 5

Select revision 6176

Part 6

Make sure all options are set to "No"

Part 7

Press A again to start the installation

Part 8

That's it!

Part 9